My name is Rebecca Liberow. I am a student at CSUN and major in History while minoring in English, writing and rhetoric. I built this website for a class on ‘Rethinking animal rights’.

On this website, you will find 2 different papers. On my Research paper, the topic I chose to write about is the punitive response to animal abuse. I felt like this was a great topic that emphasized the inequality between human animals and non-human animals. The fact that some forms of animal abuse are penalized while others are ignored is not the biggest issue. The biggest problem I have, and the reason I chose to write about this topic, is that I feel penalty laws are completely hypocritical.

In my research paper, I argue that the punitive response to non-human animal cruelty is just a platform for human animals to abuse their power and benefit themselves. The reason I argue this is, while state cruelty laws condemn human animals from neglecting their pet, there is absolutely no limit or protection when it comes to the millions of animals killed annually in places such as the consumption market, or research laboratories.

The abuse that these pets experience would be considered illegal if performed on cats and dogs. So why are there no laws protecting all animals? These state cruelty laws imply that they care about animals and the way they are treated. However, when it comes to things that will benefit the human animal, such as meat, or studies on animals for beauty products or medication, all sympathy, rules and regulations seem to go away, and no limit is emplaced.

My Hypertext Essay talks about the links between animal abuse and domestic violence. Many people wouldn’t think twice about there being any connection, but surprisingly, the connection is stronger than we could ever believe. Professionals and law enforcement have finally accepted that both should be taken in connection to the other, and are now required to check whether they go hand in hand when being dealt with a case of animal abuse, or vice versa.

Enjoy the website!


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